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Is facial massage and Gua Sha, a new beauty trend? Find out here | Buzz News

From Bollywood stars to social media influencers, all are either including a facial massage, Gua Sha, also known as Kerokan in their skincare routines. But the bigger question here is what makes the two a new beauty trend?


Gua Sha is part of Chinese medicine where a tool is used to get rid of skin in order to produce light petechiae. It is believed by many that this technique helps in easing out stiff, injured muscles and stimulate blood flow, leading to recovery.

Social media has a great role when it comes to setting trends and making them go viral. From no make-up looks, pastel nails to beach waves and even hair removal techniques. Something or the other have always been trending. So, we can say these two trends had to be on the trending list, considering the pandemic and the need for a skincare routine that was effective, stress-relieving and soothing.

face massage, Gua Sha

Here’s what makes facial massage and Gua Sha a new beauty Trend:
1) Relieves Tension – It helps in relaxing the stiff and tensed muscles of your face making it feel like releasing stress immediately. Which finally end up giving amazing results not only physically but emotionally and mentally. Because the practice targets specific points on your face that help you relax and release toxins from your body.

2) Natural Face Lift – There are various unique benefits of the Gua Sha and the right motion of your fingers while face massage can help you sculpt, lift and tone your face. Even though it is a slow process, yet it is one of the safest and the most effective ways to get those perfect jawlines and cheekbones.

3) Anti-Ageing – It gradually helps the muscles to tone and shape themselves back again. This helps in activating all the dead or inactive muscles of the face and neck back into action, resulting in wrinkle-free youthful-looking skin.

face massage, Gua Sha

4) Glowing skin – The treatment itself oxygenates the skin and the products further help the skin cells to rejuvenate with the nutrients it is filled with. Leaving you with a smooth, shining and plumped face.

5) Detoxifying properties – Everyone knows that it increases the blood flow, but if we look deep into the techniques and movements of both these trends they will help you clear your blockages from your meridian channels which help in better working of your organs. It also helps in stimulating your lymphatic system. 

So, facial massage and Gua Sha are not just trends but age-old techniques which here to stay and make their place in the millennials beauty routines.


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