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Exclusive: Gilory to Ginger – Food items that help manage Hepatitis according to Ayurveda | Health News

New Delhi: Hepatitis is the most well-known of the several disorders that can affect the liver. Some well known Hepatitis infections that affect the liver are hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in India by 2020, about 4 crore people were chronically infected with hepatitis B, and 60 lakh to 1.2 crore people were chronically infected with hepatitis C. In the world, a person dies every 30 seconds from a hepatitis-related illness.

Hepatitis is classified as acute if it lasts less than six months and chronic if it lasts more than six months. Some kinds of hepatitis can be treated without causing irreversible liver damage. Other forms might last for years, causing liver scarring (cirrhosis) and, in the worst-case scenario, loss of liver function (liver failure), which can be fatal. Types B and C, in particular, cause chronic disease and are the leading cause of liver cirrhosis and cancer.

Mr Vikas Chawla, Founder and Director, Vedas Cure shares the food items that can help maintain your liver health.

“Ayurveda uses the term Kaamala to represent a wide spectrum of liver ailments, including Hepatitis. Kaamala is a dominant pitta dosha disease of the Raktavaha srotas (a system that includes the liver, spleen, blood vessels, and reticuloendothelial tissue). Kaamala is caused by pitta dosha and rakta dhatu dysfunction,” shares Mr Chawla.

Treating Hepatitis with Ayurveda

Pitta becomes aggravated due to poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, which affects rakta formation and agni, resulting in a variety of illnesses such as hepatitis.

Mr Chawla reveals that the approach of Ayureda medicine is to repair the vitiated pitta dosha and agni, which are treated through diet, minor modifications in daily routine, and herbal medication.

KUTKI: It is used as a liver tonic because it reduces fat in the liver and has anti-inflammatory properties. It boosts digestive fire and helps with other pitta-related issues.

BHUMI AAMLA: Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent liver inflammation, but it’s deepan (spark digestive fire) function improves appetite and balances the kapha and pitta doshas.

KAALMEGH: It acts as a detoxifier by removing toxins from the body. It keeps liver enzymes in check and minimises inflammation, and balances the pitta dosha.

GUDUCHI (Giloy): Its antiviral properties are particularly beneficial in the treatment of hepatitis. It has anti-inflammatory properties, is high in antioxidants, aids in the removal of toxins from the body, keeps liver enzymes functioning properly, and boosts immunity.

TRIPHALA: It’s a blend of three herbs: aamla, bhibhitak, and hariktaki, and it’s one of the most effective treatments for fatty liver since it keeps the liver’s enzymatic functions in check, lowers harmful cholesterol levels in the blood, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.

BHRINGRAJ:  It also has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, and the ability to regenerate liver cells.

PITT PAPRA: It can also help with pitta imbalances. It reduces bleeding issues due to its chill potency. It can be used as an external paste to treat itching and burning.

GINGER:  It aids in reducing fat in the fatty liver and improves the function of liver enzymes.


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